What to feed my Sphynx



     There is always a big question about what to feed our beloved pets to insure they are living a healthy, long life, in order to remain with us for as long as possible.  Unfortunately, there is much to be desired when it comes to commercial foods, that insure the health of our beloved friends.  If in doubt just read the news headlines.   


     More and more it is becoming obvious that our pet food has become as cheaply manufactured, as has our own human, boxed, packaged and processed foods.  They are actually becoming poison to our bodies, and also to our pets, all in the name of money.  When considering what to feed your pet, please take time to read this information that can help you decide what you feel is best.  


We feed our adults and kittens raw diet and highly recommend it to our new owners.  This diet is becoming increasingly more popular.  Many vets advocate feeding raw diet. We have been using raw diet successfully for many years.  There are many recipes for fixing your own raw diet and it is simple and easy to feed.  Your pets will find it appealing and it has many health benefits as well.  Dogs also love raw diet.  If you are experiencing health issues, such as IBD/IBS, loose stools, or skin issues, I highly recommend trying raw diet for your pet.

    While we don't expect that everyone will have the time or desire to feed their pet in this manner, we also recognize there are those who do.  We want to make this information available to you, so you can make your own choice and decision based on knowledge, and not on brain-washed commercialism.


We wish for YOU and your beloved pet, a very long, prosperous and healthy life!!