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We  have retired girls available!

Our lovely girls

WORTH THE WAIT .... aka Pickles

And Eye Candy

     are now available for their forever pet home.   






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Our goal is not to be the cheapest price available. 

Our goal is for excellence in health and longevity. 

We strive to match the right home to the right baby,

based on temperament and other factors.

We have more than 10 years of experience

working with the Sphynx breed.

WE have many satisfied return buyers. 

We stand behind all of our kittens/cats 100%.



Please note: 

We at Aquariusphynx DO NOT breed, nor do we support or encourage the breeding of "designer" cats

using the Sphynx hairless gene. 

 We at Aquariusphynx, along with other fellow breeders ask that you please give careful consideration before choosing to support  those who willingly choose to distort our lovely Sphynx breed, merely for entertainment and financial gain. 

Elf, Dwelf, Bambino, Minskin, Skinderlop, etc., are not recognized by most all Cat Fancy associations internationally, as an official breed. 

They are considered "experimental". 

While these cats may appear cute to some, the health risks of doubling up on several natural mutations has not been determined.  

These  genetically altered cats have only been in existence within the last 6-7 years. 

The Munchkin cat used to create the Bambino, has been known to have spinal issues and the gene used to create the dwarfism is actually a lethal gene.   The Elf has been known to have cartilage issues with the ears and are very difficult to clean, as admitted by some of the Elf breeders. 

Do your homework before venturing out to purchase something exotic and with no proven health history.  You will likely be told by those breeders that they are robustly healthy, and there is no risk to breeding several natural mutations together.  this is not true.  these genetically altered cats have not been in existence long enough to establish credibility for sound health.

Aquariusphynx, as well as all reputable breeders, feel the mixing of the Sphynx hairless gene in order to create "designer" cats is yet another exploitation of our beautiful breed.

The Sphynx is still very new in being established as a breed.  There is still much work to be done to bring it to perfection as a sound breed.

 We choose to continue to do all we can to protect and preserve the Sphynx in its original appearance and integrity.  

Thank you.