The word LYKOI (or Lykos) actually means

Wolf in Greek origin.

       We named them after their unique appearance  which resembles a werewolf



   A New Breed of Cat

That Will Have You Howling With Excitement


  A unique and wonderful discovery of a natural recessive mutation that occurred in a domestic cat.  






Two unusual creatures were taken in to our home in 2010.

 We marveled not only at their very unique  appearance,

but their enchanting and magical personality.  


  The first order of events was to have them tested for any known feline diseases. 

         All tests concluded they were of sound health. 

           We then contacted Leslie Lyons (geneticist at UC Davis) who conducted DNA saliva testing

                  to determine if they  were related  to the Sphynx or Devon Rex. 

               The test showed they were NOT related.     


About 6 month later we decided to possibly establish these little creatures as a whole new breed.  We  contacted veterinarian Johnny Gobble in TN and asked him to embark on a mission with us to do test mating and potentially establish them as a breed. 

Gobble accepted our proposal, a contract was signed, and the kittens and their mother were transported to Gobble and co-owned with him.  Several months after Gobble acquired the two kittens from us, another pair of Lykoi appearing kittens were discovered in a different region of the USA and they were acquired by Gobble.  That gave us the perfect solution to be able to reduce inbreeding to establish the breed, as well as using the domestic shorthair for outcrossing to expand the gene pool. We now have an established breed with Lykoi breeders Internationally.  This healthy breed is soon to be available to the public and has received acceptance with The International Cat Association (TICA).














These are photos of the first two original Lykoi and are the foundation of the Lykoi breed. 

They were taken shortly after bringing them in to our home in Virginia. 

These precious little babies stole our hearts from the start and continue to capture our love and affection.

Catitude Lykoi --- owner Patti Thomas

Breeder of the Worlds first official Champion LYKOI!


      Here is a list of breeders Catitude Lykoi has approved to work with the LYKOI breed

~ Christine Boulanger in France - our liaison for Europe

~ Lena Maeva in Israel ....

~ Suzette Van Den Berg in South Africa

~Clinton Nusbaumer in Indiana USA

Silver Bullet Lykoi 

~Perviz Alexander Shalnavevazz in UK

~Liza Espinho in Belgium

~Denise Quellet in Canada

Visit them on Facebook as well as their websites